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4 common places to slip and fall at any hotel

Whether you are planning the vacation of a lifetime or are simply looking for a quick getaway, the Phoenix area is an excellent destination. The vicinity has restaurants, shops, entertainment venues and meeting spaces. If you are not careful, your vacation may turn into a disaster. 

According to estimates, more than 22 million people visit the Phoenix region every single year. Unfortunately, some of these individuals sustain serious injuries in slip-and-fall accidents at hotels. Here are four places these accidents tend to occur: 

1. Near the swimming pool 

Swimming pools offer a welcome respite from Arizona’s notoriously hot weather. Wherever there is water, you have an increased chance of slipping and falling. Therefore, you should exercise additional caution when walking near swimming pools and Jacuzzis. 

2. In carpeted hallways 

Phoenix and the surrounding areas are popular for tourists, business visitors and others. As such, many hotels in the region have tens of thousands of guests every year. Naturally, excessive foot traffic can take a toll on carpeted hallways. For that reason, hotel managers should monitor carpeted areas for wear, replacing or repairing damaged carpeting when necessary. If they fail to do so, you may trip and fall. 

3. Outside the shower 

Most hotels have elegant tiles inside and outside the shower or bathtub. When choosing the right surfaces for bathrooms, hotel owners should opt for ones that resist slipping. If hotel staff knows about falls outside the shower and does not mitigate the danger, you may have a successful personal injury claim. 

4. On uneven sidewalks 

Many hotels in the Phoenix area are resort-like properties that have thousands of feet of sidewalks winding through manicured areas. While these paths make any hotel beautiful, they can also be dangerous. If a hotel owner fails to repair damaged or uneven sidewalks, you may sustain a serious injury in a fall. 

When you visit the Valley of the Sun, you want to have a fun time. While you should enjoy everything the area’s many hotels have to offer, you should not have to worry about injuring yourself in a fall. By understanding the common places where slips occur, you can better plan for staying safe.


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