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Snow and ice may come to Arizona

When you think about slip-and-fall accidents on icy sidewalks, you probably think about northern states or the eastern seaboard. It’s easy to assume that those who face very harsh winters have the greatest risks.

The truth, though, is that you do even face risks in Arizona. It has already snowed this year, and that was just in November. In several places, the power went out. In others, they had to close down entire freeways. It was catastrophic, and it may only be worse if it happens in December or January.

In fact, there are two reasons that you could argue that a heavy snowfall is worse in Arizona than it is in a state like New York or Minnesota. First, since it does not happen as often, people often do not feel equipped to deal with it. They don’t have the right gear. They’re not prepared. They may not shovel their sidewalks at all.

Second, in a place where it’s not going to fall below freezing for weeks on end, the temperatures could rise and fall dramatically with the sun. This can melt the snow during the day, and it may then freeze again overnight. The back-and-forth process leaves a sheet of slick ice on the ground, rather than the relatively stable snow. This can make it even harder to walk than if it just snowed and the snow stayed on the ground.

If you do slip and fall this year, it can lead to broken bones, head injuries and much more. Make sure you know what steps you need to take to seek compensation.


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