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Child suffers brain bruise in accident

A serious accident at an intersection in Arizona left a 5-year-old girl in a coma with a bruise on her brain.

The crash happened when the family — the girl and her mother and father — attempted to make a left turn. The investigation is still ongoing, but it appears that a truck slammed into the side of their car as they turned. The people in the truck did not get badly hurt, but the family in the car wound up in the hospital with catastrophic injuries. The adults, with the mother unconscious, were rushed to Banner Thunderbird Medical Center. Their daughter was taken to Phoenix Children’s Hospital with skull fractures and put into a medically-induced coma.

As bad as it is, the family did get some good news: The girl appears to have brain bruising, but it doesn’t look at this time like she has brain damage that would permanently alter her life. The road to recovery for both mother and daughter will be long, but they should recover.

Experts did say that she could have been even more badly injured if she had been in the back seat of the car. Fortunately, she’d gotten a bike for Christmas, and it took up the back seat. Her parents moved the girl and her child safety seat to the front. She was sitting between them when their 1987 Buick got hit by the truck.

In this case, even though things could have been worse, the family still faces serious challenges moving forward. This story shows just why it’s so important for those who get injured to understand their legal options.


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