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Deadly accident closes down highway for hours

A deadly car accident in Arizona closed down a popular highway for hours as the emergency crews responded.

The crash happened on I-10, in the westbound lanes. It occurred on Jan. 18, a Saturday, near the town of Marana. There were actually multiple accidents, one near milepost 236 and another near milepost 230.

It is unclear how many people suffered injuries in the accidents, but reports did indicate that at least one person passed away. The authorities who cleaned up the scene and began their investigation closed the lanes down and kept them that way for nearly eight hours, rerouting traffic onto other roads that typically do not see nearly that volume.

Pictures from the scene show a lot of damage. In one, a small black car sits off to the side of the road with emergency workers nearby. There are pieces of the car all over the pavement. In another photo, a white or silver SUV sits sideways in the road with the doors standing open. There is a fire truck next to it. Again, debris litters the highway. A third picture shows the backup, with a long line of cars all sitting in traffic.

A deadly accident only takes a second or two to occur, and it can change everything in a heartbeat. Someone loses their life. Family members lose a loved one. A family’s future is forever altered. It may all come down to one mistake or one decision made by another driver. When this happens, it’s very important for those involved to understand all of the legal options they have.


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