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Never drive too fast in the rain

A wet road is inherently more dangerous than dry pavement. It means you need greater stopping distances and have a greater chance of losing control of your vehicle. You need to take extra steps to stay safe whenever you have to drive in the rain.

One serious risk is simply driving too fast. Excessive speed can lead to hydroplaning. Your car actually lifts up off of the pavement and rides on top of the water itself. Even a fraction of a millimeter is enough to cause you to lose all control. It’s like driving on ice. With no actual contact with the pavement, you can’t steer or brake effectively.

Hydroplaning often doesn’t last for long. If you frantically turn the wheel, your car may drift through the water and then hit the pavement on the other side. With the wheel already turned, you can veer off of the road or into oncoming traffic.

Remember, not driving too fast does not just mean not breaking the speed limit. It means gauging the conditions and driving properly. Even driving at the speed limit in a heavy rain may prove too fast for conditions, and it could lead to an accident. You have to adjust your speed, and you cannot use the posted limits as an excuse. This is the responsibility of all drivers.

Knowing that you have this responsibility and committing to safe, careful driving is helpful. Unfortunately, you are always going to have drivers who make mistakes. If one of them hits you and puts you in the hospital, you may need to seek out financial compensation.


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