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Will motorcycle riders become less common?

Are we heading toward a time when motorcycles are less common than they have been over the years? It’s not just the season, as there are often fewer riders in the winter months, but an overall trend. In 10 years, will we look back and wonder where all the motorcycles went?

It could be. Studies have found that young millennials do not buy motorcycles at a high rate at all. Sales exist, but the general trend is that millennials are skipping motorcycles and sticking to cars.

One reason is student loan debt, which has massively increased over the years. This generation has far more debt than people did in the past, so they have to be careful with how they spend. Most see motorcycles more as a toy, a second option, than a main vehicle. They can’t afford to buy something expensive just for fun, so it’s the type of purchase they just don’t make.

In addition to dropping motorcycle numbers, this could mean that the average age of a motorcycle rider continues to climb. While many in their 50s, 60s and even 70s may keep riding, younger riders won’t take up the sport to balance out that average age. Older people tend to have more disposable income, so they’re going to keep buying bikes.

These changes could impact motorcycle safety. Will older drivers see greater challenges as they face issues like vision loss and cognitive decline? Will fewer motorcycles on the roads make it so that drivers are even less aware than they are now, often forgetting to look for motorcycles and causing accidents? It’s important for all who get injured to know what legal options they have.


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