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3 teens die when school van rolls

A van belonging to Eastern Arizona College rolled with a college student and seven high school students inside. Three of the teens passed away in the accident.

The group had gone to an NHRA seminar about race cars. On the way home from the event, the van was heading down U.S. Route 70. It then crossed the center line and crashed, rolling in the process.

There were nine people in the van — seven area high school students, the van’s driver and a college student. The college student suffered injuries, as did the four other high school students and the adult driver. Those injuries were all nonlife-threatening and they were brought to Mount Graham Regional Medical Center to for treatment The other three students were all killed in the crash.

This is a complex case since three people lost their lives, but also because they were in a van owned by the college and which was driven by an adult. As such, the investigation is ongoing and may take some time. At this point, though, it appears that only the one vehicle was involved and that the driver was not impaired at the time of the crash.

Incidents like this show just how fast things can happen. People from the conference who had just spoken to the students were shaken to learn that they were gone just a short time later. They remembered the students as being inquisitive and engaged with the conference.

In a situation like this, parents and other family members need to know what legal options they have to seek civil justice and compensation.


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