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Crash near high school takes teen’s life

A teenager in Arizona got involved in a two-car crash near his high school, suffering critical injuries at the scene. Though emergency crews rushed him to the hospital, he passed away from his injuries.

The authorities are still trying to work out exactly what happened. Reports do note that the cars involved were a black car with three people in it and a blue car with one teen. They were both driving east. Something happened to cause them to crash into each other, and then the blue car left the roadway and slammed into a pole.

Video footage from a helicopter shows the blue car bent around the pole, appearing to have struck it on the side. The car is extensively damaged with parts lying around it. Pictures show the black car stopped on the side of the road, as well, though the damage is not nearly as severe.

The young man who died, who was just 17 years old, was the sole person in the blue car. The other three people in the black car survived the crash. One local teen said he actually knew them, as they were all fellow high school students. He recognized the car. He said that his friend who was in the car called him after the wreck, told him that the crash had happened and then hung up the phone. He did not provide any additional information.

Teen drivers have a high crash rate. Even though the reasons for this accident are unclear, it underscores the danger in these accidents. Those who get injured or lose loved ones need to know what options they have.


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