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In the coming months, motorcycle numbers will rise

Spring is coming faster than many people realize. The days are getting longer and warmer, a trend that will only continue for the next few months.

With that in mind, it’s important for drivers to start thinking about motorcycles. Every year, the number of bikes on the road goes up as the spring and summer months return. You may have only seen a scattering of bikes in the warmest days in Arizona over the last few months, but you know that a lot of people are dusting off their bikes and getting ready to ride.

The problem is that drivers may get complacent and stop looking for motorcycles. They could stop being as vigilant about checking their blind spots, for instance, with so few small vehicles that fit easily into those blind spots. In the spring, that could lead to a tragic accident with an unexpected bike.

Motorcycle awareness is about the right mindset. Drivers need to remember that they must share the road. They need to think about the safety disadvantages that riders have when compared to drivers. In order for everyone to stay safe, they have to work hard at creating a safe riding environment, going above and beyond to avoid mistakes that may not injure a driver but that could seriously injure a motorcyclist.

It’s also important for riders to remember that their own risks are perhaps highest in these spring months. Accidents can and do happen, even when riders practice safety at every turn. Those who suffer critical injuries or who lose a loved one need to understand their legal rights.


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