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Why do people say loud pipes save lives?

A motto in the motorcycle community, at least among those who ride loud cruiser bikes, is that that “loud pipes save lives.” This is typically said in response to the complaint that loud motorcycles are annoying and disruptive, a position often taken by pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers.

Why do people say it? The reason is that drivers often do not see motorcycles. This leads to all manner of accidents, from turning in front of them to merging into them. The idea is that a loud motorcycle attracts more attention and stands out on the road. The loud pipes do not help at all in a crash, of course, but they can help prevent that crash from taking place. In that sense, they can save lives.

Some experts also point out that many distracted drivers fill the roads across Arizona. Even people who are not actively texting, talking to friends, using the GPS or engaging in some other distraction are simply not aware enough of what is going on around them. Sometimes, it’s as simple as listening to music or daydreaming.

The loud pipes on the motorcycle can help snap them out of it, drawing their attention to the bike. They may feel annoyed by how loud it is, but, if that annoyance is enough to get them to look up from their phone and take note of the bike’s position on the road, it’s worth it.

Again, though, even loud pipes don’t prevent all accidents and injuries. If you get hurt in a crash, be sure you know what legal rights you have.


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