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21-year-old drunk driver crashes car with 7 people inside

Multiple people were injured in a recent crash in Arizona that was caused by a 21-year-old driver who was allegedly drunk at the time of the accident.

The wreck happened on Sunday morning, March 29, per reports. The vehicle in question, reportedly just a passenger car, was on Val Vista, and it was to the north of Hunt Highway. That information comes from police officers in Chandler, who responded to the accident.

It appears that the vehicle left the road and struck the dirt shoulder. When that happened, the young driver lost control of the car. The vehicle then rolled over as a result. Five of the seven people in the car were minors, and two of them were thrown from the car as it rolled.

When the dust settled, three people had been injured badly enough that emergency crews had to rush them to the hospital. They are in serious condition, but it does not appear that their injuries are life-threatening.

The driver, a young woman, was allegedly intoxicated when she crashed the car. Because of that, the police arrested her for numerous charges related to drunk driving, including endangerment and aggravated assault.

It is unclear exactly what the relationship is between the people in the car, but the police did say that they were all from the Gila River Indian Community.

Drunk driving puts everyone at risk: Drivers, passengers, people in the car with the drunk driver and people in other vehicles. When anyone suffers serious injuries in a crash, they need to know what legal rights they may have to compensation.


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