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Bike crashes can lead to traumatic skin wounds

Motorcyclists and bicyclists share a common danger – falling off the bike. Most of these individuals are safe when they ride, but they can’t control what those around them do. Being struck by a driver is a serious concern because it can lead to the rider being thrown off the bike, which can result in a variety of injuries.

The issue that comes into the picture when a motorcyclist or bicyclist is thrown off their bike is that the impact to the ground is going to cause injuries. There is also a chance that the bicycle or motorcycle will land on top of them. While many wear protective gear, it’s possible that they will suffer from road rash, which is known as a traumatic skin wound.

What is road rash?

Road rash is an area of cuts and scrapes from the skin coming into contact with the road when a motorcyclist or bicyclist is thrown off the bike. While this might not seem like such a bad injury, it is possible that it will impact a large portion of the person’s body. This can lead to considerable pain, loss of range of motion and other symptoms.

For the most part, road rash is treated using basic first aid such as covering with bandages and using an ointment. More severe cases may require skin grafts, and deeper wounds might lead to scarring that can last a lifetime. Getting appropriate medical care can reduce the chance of this scarring, as well as other complications, for some individuals.

When can road rash turn serious?

Road surfaces are covered with grime, germs and other unknown substances. Because road rash breaks the skin, this could lead to infections. These aren’t common, but it is something that anyone who suffers this injury should be aware of.

Signs of an infection include running a fever and feeling more pain than usual at the road rash site. The scrapes might become bright read, ooze pus and have a foul smell. Any of these symptoms likely warrant a trip to the doctor to determine whether antibiotics are necessary.

People who suffer an injury due to being thrown off a bicycle or motorcycle may opt to seek compensation. This can help them to recover the money they had to spend on medical care. If they had to miss work due to their injuries or for any reason related to the crash, the compensation should help to cover the missed wages.


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