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Fatal motorcycle crash takes teen’s life

A teenage motorcyclist has passed away in Arizona after getting involved in a traffic accident with a pickup truck. He was 17 years old at the time. The wreck happened in west Phoenix.

Per reports out of the area, the teen was heading down Encanto, going west. A pickup truck was making a turn when the truck and the motorcycle slammed into each other. The truck held not just the driver but also a passenger. They stayed at the scene of the deadly accident and are apparently cooperating with the authorities as they carry out their investigation.

While the details of that investigation will not be out for some time, the reports did note that the police do not think anyone was impaired by drugs or alcohol. They are not sure if speed played a role or not.

One key thing that the reports did not note was the way that the truck was turning when the crash happened. That’s important because one of the most common motorcycle accidents is when a driver makes a left turn and does not see the bike, leading him or her to turn without enough space. This is a hard accident for a motorcyclist to avoid and is often fatal because the bike crashes at high speed into the side of the turning vehicle. It will be interesting to keep an eye on this case to see if that happened or not.

When someone dies in a motorcycle accident, a family faces a sudden and tragic loss. It is important that they know what legal options they have during this difficult time.


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