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Officer involved in accident that rolls SUV

A police officer in Phoenix recently got involved in a serious crash that left their SUV sitting on its roof in the middle of the street. Emergency crews took the officer to the hospital for treatment, though their exact condition was not reported.

The crash happened near Bell Road and 7th Street. According to local reports and the Phoenix Police Department (PPD), the officer was driving down Bell Road with the emergency lights on. They tried to turn the SUV off Bell and onto 7th Street, which is a left turn.

During that turn made with the lights on, another vehicle slammed into the police SUV. Pictures from the scene show a white pickup truck parked in the road, though reports do not say what vehicle hit the officer’s SUV. The SUV rolled on its roof and hit a pair of other vehicles at the intersection.

This all happened on Saturday, April 25, around 10:35 a.m. It does not appear that anyone else got hurt. However, the investigators closed down the intersection to gather evidence while the response team took the officer to a local medical center.

In the pictures, you can see other police vehicles on the scene and debris scattered in the street. There is a fair amount of traffic stalled on a nearby road.

Car accidents happen quickly, and people do not always make the proper decisions in the heat of the moment. When someone else’s mistake causes a crash that puts you in the hospital, you may be able to seek compensation for your medical bills.


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