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The auto accident toll flies under the radar

For some reason, the true toll that auto accidents take on us as a society seems to fly under the radar. People just do not think about the fatality rates as much as they do when those rates come from other sources.

In 2019, for instance, the National Safety Council estimates that 38,800 people passed away in these accidents. As high as that is, it was a drop of 2 percent from the year before. All told, we typically lose more than 100 people every single day to car accidents.

Even so, everyone drives. There is very little outrage. If you asked someone who was getting into their car at the supermarket how worried they were about dying in a wreck on the way home, they wouldn’t be all that worried. They’d probably look at you strangely for asking — despite the fact that this is one of the top killers for young people in the U.S.

As one expert put it in an interview with Forbes, people would demand that the airlines were shut down if a plane carrying 100 or so people crashed every single day, killing all on board. Even thinking of that happening once a week is astounding.

But that is what happens with car accidents right now, and it has been happening for years. Why is it that we’re so quick to overlook these deaths or assume that they’re going to happen to someone else?

It is important to actually understand the risks that you face on the road. If you lose a loved one in a crash, be sure you know what steps to take.


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