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4-vehicle crash kills motorcyclist, teen girl arrested

After a four-vehicle crash in Arizona took the life of one man, the police arrested a 16-year-old girl who they believe caused the deadly accident.

It appears that the teen was driving north, behind another car, in a no-passing zone. Despite the fact that she was not allowed to pass, she tried to do so. Coming south, however, was a 1999 Mercedes. When she saw it, she tried to swerve back into the proper lane to avoid a crash.

She was now too close to the car in front of her, though, and she ran into the back of it. That caused the leading car to spin out of control. It slammed into the Mercedes that the teen had been trying to avoid.

Despite all of this, the teen just kept on driving north in her now-damaged car. A motorcyclist was ahead of her, and she rear-ended him, as well. There was a 61-year-old man on the bike. She pushed him and the bike for about 75 yards, and he then fell away from the vehicle.

The teen stopped and tried to keep running, this time on foot. It did not take long for police to find her, though, and they also discovered that the car she was driving was stolen, perhaps explaining why she refused to stop despite the carnage all around her on the road.

The motorcyclist was taken to a medical center, but he could not be saved.

Accidents like this show how poor decisions can have a devastating impact on a family’s life. Those involved need to know what legal options they have.


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