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Are full-face motorcycle helmets better?

People often choose open-face motorcycle helmets because they like the look and the style. They have a more retro appeal. They also offer a wide range of vision, which many riders like. They may even claim it keeps them safe by helping them avoid accidents.

That said, the statistics are clear: Full-face helmets are vastly safer. They do reduce visibility, but a motorcyclist can simply turn their head to make up for it, and most accidents do not happen because a rider doesn’t have enough visibility anyway. They happen because drivers in other cars make mistakes. If that happens, it’s too late to avoid the crash, and that’s why riders need to consider safety features during an accident. That’s where the full-face helmet is the clear winner.

For one thing, in a violent crash, it is much more likely that an open-face helmet will fall off. This almost never happens with full helmets.

There’s also the fact that your face is far more exposed. If you fall off of the bike, roll and strike your face on the pavement, the full helmet has more than just a windscreen to protect you. It also has the full support running down over your jaw. This means only the helmet actually makes contact with the ground. An open helmet leaves your face too exposed, and you could suffer head injuries even if it stays on.

Remember, impact rates are highest in the areas that the full helmet covers. That’s where you need protection the most.

Of course, you can get hurt in an accident with any helmet. If you do, you may need to seek compensation from the driver who caused the crash.


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