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Head-on crash injures 3 and kills 4

Head-on car crashes are often talked about as the most violent and dangerous collisions that people can have. The sheer amount of force involved is astronomical, and that is magnified since it is not just a glancing blow. Plus, the head-on crash means that the passenger compartments slam straight into one another with little to protect them but the engine.

The sheer danger from these accidents was recently highlighted when two cars crashed into each other on Arizona’s Highway 169. The head-on crash happened at 9 a.m. on Sunday, May 31, and it took place in Dewey.

The accident was so bad that four people were killed in the crash and there was nothing that emergency responders could do. Three other people had lived through the crash, but they were all in critical condition, with severe injuries.

To help those three, helicopters were called in. They took the injured parties to hospitals around Phoenix to get emergency treatment. Each person got their own helicopter to make the flight safer and faster.

Before the three helicopters arrived, four fire engines had converged on the scene. The city also sent four ambulances. It was clear that they knew immediately that it was a very severe car accident, but it does not appear from the reports that anyone else was involved in the crash.

Accidents like this can change lives in an instant. That starts with the seriously injured men and women, but also extends to the families who have lost loved ones. All involved need to know what options they have for financial recovery. An experienced advocate can help victims and survivors better understand their rights after a serious car wreck.


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