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Motorcyclists deserve respect from other drivers

Motorcyclists deserve to be on the roads just as much as any other vehicle. Unfortunately, some drivers think that because these two-wheeled vehicles are smaller than other cars that they have less of a right to be on the roads. This can lead to unsafe conditions for the motorcyclists, but this isn’t ever an acceptable situation.

It is up to every driver to help keep everyone with whom they share they road safe. This means providing the motorcyclists with the respect they’re due while they’re out.

Motorists are serious dangers

Motorcyclists who are struck by another vehicle are more likely to suffer injuries than the occupants of the other vehicle. They’re also more likely to die. Motorists don’t really take that into account when they’re driving, especially if they don’t really know any motorcyclists.

In two-thirds of crashes that pit a motorcycle against another vehicle, the driver of the other vehicle is the one who caused the crash because they didn’t yield the appropriate right-of-way to the motorcyclist. In some cases, it isn’t that the motorist maliciously violated the right of way. Instead, they might not have seen the motorcyclist.

All motorists must ensure they’re being vigilant when they drive. Intersections are a big problem for motorcyclists. It’s where around 70% of motorcycle-versus-vehicle crashes happen. This is due in part to obstacles in the motorist’s line of sight. Things like bushes and buildings can stop them from seeing the smaller profile motorcycles.

When a crash occurs

When a motorcyclist is struck by another vehicle, the rider is likely going to fall to the ground. This can lead to road rash and impact injuries. Broken bones, spinal cord damage and head injuries are possible. The victim may even be pinned between their motorcycle and the road, which can lead to crushing injuries. Because of the possibility of severe injuries, the person will need emergency medical care for at least an evaluation.

If you’re the victim of a motorcycle crash, you might opt to seek compensation from the driver who struck you. This can help to cover your medical expenses, but there are other damages that you should think about. These include things like personal care you need after the wreck and lost wages if you can’t return to work right away. Working with someone who is familiar with these cases can help determine what damages, including present and future, you should claim.


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