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One potential drawback to electric motorcycles

Though there will clearly be some push-back from those who love gas-powered motorcycles, much as there has been with electric cars, it often feels as if electric motorcycles are the wave of the future. They break the dependency on gas, people can charge them in their garage and they tend to have all of the power you would ever need for most drives. There is some question of range, but even that gets longer with every generation and eventually will not pose the problem that it does today.

All that said, there is one potential drawback to consider with these electric bikes. The issue — and this is a feature and many people actually love — is that they are just so quiet.

Now, those who want a quiet ride where they can talk to a passenger or feel more immersed in nature think that the relative silence is a bonus. But those who are concerned about safety may have their questions. Motorcycles already get hit often because drivers just do not see them. Many riders believe that the noise a bike makes is actually a safety feature, letting drivers know that it is nearby. This is especially useful when riding near a blind spot. Would an electric motorcycle put you at greater risk of getting into an accident because no one would hear you coming?

This is an important question to ask, but it’s clear that people get involved in accidents on both types of bikes. No matter what you ride, if you get hurt due to another driver’s negligence, be sure you know what steps to take.


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