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Sidecars change the feel of a motorcycle

Sidecars are certainly not common, at least when compared to how many motorcycles there are, but they do have their fans. Many people with whom they are popular want to take family members or spouses riding with them. A sidecar seems like a simple way to do it without having to teach that person how to ride.

As useful as these can be, it’s important to note that they change the feel of the motorcycle. The balance is massively different and the motorcyclist cannot lean into the turns in the same way. While there is greater stability, that means it may come at the cost of a reduction in traditional handling and agility.

The sidecar also makes the bike weigh more, so that’s going to change stopping and starting distances. Adding a passenger to the car increase that weight again and can alter how powerful the engine feels, relative to the way it feels when riding alone.

Understanding speed is very important with a sidecar, especially in turns. Too much speed can tip the whole bike and pick the sidecar up. This can unbalance the bike. Motorcyclists are encouraged to slow down more than they would usually to make these turns safely.

The changes to the handling may make it harder to avoid a crash. If another driver makes a mistake and a crash becomes imminent, the motorcyclist may try to take evasive action and find that they cannot slow down and stop quickly enough or that they cannot swerve around the other vehicle. Those who suffer injuries in these accidents need to know what rights they have to compensation.


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