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The hot summer months require extra care on a motorcycle

All over the country, most people think of summer as the prime motorcycle season. In places like Michigan and New Hampshire, you have long winters with cold weather, ice and snowfall, so the season essentially shuts down. It starts back up in the spring and reaches the peak in the summer.

Things are a bit different in Arizona, where you have vastly warmer overall temperatures and longer riding reasons. You’ll see people out on their bikes in months where it would be impossible elsewhere.

What that means, though, is that months like July come with their own challenges. You have the risk of dehydration, which can make you lightheaded and even delirious. You could get severely sunburned and find yourself in pain for days to come. You could suffer from heatstroke, especially if you’re wearing all of the proper riding gear, often made from padded black leather.

These issues can make it harder to ride safely and could increase your accident risks. Make sure you carefully pick your times, try to avoid the hottest parts of the day, and be willing to pull over if you feel like your health has been compromised by the heat. The summer can be a great riding season, but you don’t want to take any serious risks just to ride.

Even if you do work hard to ride safely, though, you could get involved in an accident with another vehicle. These accidents can lead to some very severe injuries. Make sure you are well aware of the options you have to seek out financial compensation for your injuries and other losses if that happens to you.


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