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Why broken bones get infected

If you suffer a broken bone in a motorcycle accident, you’re already looking at a trip to the hospital. You may need surgery, depending on the severity of the break. It can take weeks or even months for the break to fully heal. While it does, you may not be able to work or engage in all of your hobbies in the way that you used to.

If that break becomes infected, though, everything becomes much worse. These infections come from bacteria. You may have been exposed to it during the accident itself. If you had surgery, you could also have been exposed to the bacteria at that point. Either way, your body is vulnerable, and bacteria that gain entry can cause significant and even life-threatening infections.

One important thing to consider is whether or not the break also creates a gap in your skin, which is your main defense against bacteria. For instance, a compound fracture is one that snaps the bone and then allows at least a fragment of that bone to push through to the outside of the skin. That’s when bacteria can enter the body. These breaks also need surgery more often, meaning the odds of infection climb yet again.

Signs of infection vary. You may notice issues like swelling, redness, pus, fever, and increased physical discomfort when the bone should be healing. As soon as you see these signs, seek medical assistance.

A broken bone that gets infected can mean you need serious and expensive medical care. If so, you may be able to seek financial compensation.


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