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How to make your transaction go smoothly

Most people in Goodyear understand that if they ever get arrested or find themselves in a serious legal conflict, they need an attorney. But lawyers can be a big help when you are going through a major transaction like a real estate purchase or sale.

What can a real estate attorney do to help?

Nobody likes having to use a lawsuit to resolve a disagreement over a real estate deal. Hiring a real estate attorney to help you during the transaction can greatly reduce the chances of having to go court months or years from now. Here are some examples of why you should consider hiring a lawyer before you buy or sell your next home or other property.

  • Drafting and reviewing the purchase agreement before you sign it
  • Performing the title search, so that as the buyer you will know the seller owns the property they are selling, and whether there are any easements or other restrictions you need to know about
  • For sellers, representing you during the disclosure phase, negotiating offers and counteroffers, and dealing with contingency offers
  • Being present at the closing to represent your interests. This can be especially important if a last-minute disagreement arises

Arizona real estate law is complex, and there are many steps to go through, especially when the buyer is financing the purchase through a mortgage. Your attorney can explain the process to you and answer all your questions. Because you will never be in the dark, you will avoid common mistakes that people who don’t have a reliable legal resource might fall into.

Long-term savings

Some people are put off by the cost of hiring a real estate attorney. But the advice and negotiation skills of a talented lawyer can save you time and money in the long run.


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