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Be on the lookout for distracted drivers, especially teen drivers

Among all of the potential dangers that drivers in Arizona face on the roadways, distracted driving is perhaps the most prevalent these days – or at least the most high-profile. State legislatures throughout the country have implemented laws to prohibit the use of handheld electronic devices, as well as regulate other distractions for drivers. However, despite those efforts, distracted driving is still a concern.

Distracted driving mixed with teen drivers

Although distracted driving is a danger for all ages of drivers, when it is mixed with younger drivers – particularly teen drivers – a potent mix of potential danger is the result. As a recent news article noted, statistics show that teen drivers are also one of the biggest dangers on the roadways in Arizona and throughout the country. Their inexperience behind the wheel, even without distractions, can lead to serious or even fatal car accidents.

It might be obvious for most people that teenagers and young people have an affinity for cellphones, which makes it hard for them to put the devices down even when behind the wheel of a vehicle. Drivers in Arizona should be on the lookout for young drivers who are focusing more on their text messages and social media than they are on the road in front of them.

Assistance after a distracted driving accident

When Arizona residents are injured in car accidents caused by distracted drivers, they may have legal options to consider. A personal injury lawsuit could result in an award of financial compensation to help cover the costs of medical expenses and other financial impacts that oftentimes are the result of car accidents in Arizona.


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