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Common forms of bicycle accidents

For most Arizona residents, riding a bicycle is an activity that can be done year-round. With warm weather and sunny skies, Arizona is a great place for bike riders to get exercise and commute without having to get into their vehicles. Though bicycle riding is a healthy activity, it can become dangerous when bikes and vehicles are in each other’s vicinity.

Bicycle accidents happen for many reasons, but many of those reasons fall upon the negligence or carelessness of drivers. This post will explore some of the ways that drivers can create dangerous and even life-threatening situations for Goodyear bicycle riders. Victims of bike accidents often have rights to seek compensation for their losses, and personal injury attorneys can support victims with case-specific guidance and representation.

How negligence creates danger for bicyclists

Negligence is a legal theory based off an individual’s failure to act reasonably given their circumstances. It purports that humans generally have a duty to act reasonably in whatever situations they find themselves in, and when they fail to do so they breach their duty of care to others. The accidents that result from this breached duty and that cause harm to others can form the grounds for personal injury litigation.

Drivers can engage in many negligent behaviors while driving. Some of these include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding or other traffic violations
  • Road rage

When a driver allows their driving focus to be taken off the important task of operating their vehicle, they can cause an accident by hitting a bicyclist on the road. These and other dangerous driving behaviors can be deadly to bicycle accident victims.

What to do after a bicycle accident

Suffering injuries and losses in a bicycle accident can be traumatic and overwhelming. Victims should prioritize their health and seek treatment for their injuries immediately. If they are able, they may wish to talk to witnesses, take pictures of the accident scene and secure the contact information of the responsible party. An attorney can support a bicycle accident victim with their legal needs and advise them on how to assert their rights.



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