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How can drivers help prevent pedestrian accidents?

Pedestrian accidents are unfortunate events with often devastating outcomes. Phoenix residents who have had the scary experience of being hit by a motor vehicle understand how quickly and significantly life can change when a human-automobile collision occurs. Pedestrian victims may suffer long-term injuries that cause permanent and irreversible damage.

Liability for pedestrian accidents often falls on drivers who make careless and dangerous mistakes while operating their motor vehicles. There are many ways that drivers can help prevent these often avoidable accidents. Here are some steps drivers can take to reduce the amount of pedestrian accidents on the roads.

The actions of negligent drivers

Driver negligence often factors into pedestrian accidents. Negligence occurs when a person fails to meet their duty of care to others; for drivers that duty extends to pedestrians and all others on the roads. Examples of driver negligence can include:

  • Breaking traffic laws by speeding and/or disobeying signs and signals
  • Driving while distracted, drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • Operating a vehicle while angry or drowsy
  • Ignoring crossing signals, crosswalks and other pedestrian safety tools

A negligent driver can put the safety of others at risk. When accidents happen, pedestrians can pay for driver negligence with their lives.

Preventing pedestrian accidents

One simple way for drivers to avoid accidents with pedestrians is to pay attention while they are in their vehicles. Minimizing and eliminating distractions, driving when healthy and unaffected by substances, and obeying all traffic laws and signage puts them in a good position to react when pedestrians and other vehicles cross their paths. Pedestrians bear some responsibility to avoid negligence as well, and together drivers and pedestrians can stay safe and coexist on Arizona roadways.

Not every pedestrian accident can be avoided though, and victims of these accidents can suffer greatly from their losses. Personal injury attorneys can support victims and their families as they recover from the devastating outcomes of pedestrian accidents. Individual case support can be imperative to those who wish to recover their damages after pedestrian accidents.


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