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How to stay safe while riding a bike

Arizona law allows bicyclists to use public roadways in the same way that cars, trucks and motorcycles can. Furthermore, they are expected to abide by the same rules that those vehicles must adhere to. However, since bicyclists are at a greater risk of being hurt in a collision, there are several additional measures that they should take to stay safe while riding in traffic.

Always wear proper protection

At a minimum, you’re encouraged to wear a helmet whenever you ride in traffic. This may reduce your risk of experiencing a concussion, cracked skull or other types of head injuries if you fall off of your bike for any reason. It may also be a good idea to wear elbow pads, knee pads and clothes that cover as much of your skin as possible. Failure to take proactive steps to protect yourself may hamper your ability to obtain adequate compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

Remain aware of your surroundings

Ideally, you won’t ride while listening to music, while impaired by drugs or while under the influence of alcohol. Doing so may compromise your ability to track vehicles that you share the road with, monitor traffic signals or take other steps to avoid a collision. In some cases, you may be cited for riding in public while under the influence of a controlled substance.

Keep yourself visible at all times

Your odds of getting into an accident are significantly lower when others can see you. If you’re riding at night, it may be a good idea to place a reflector on your bike. Regardless of when you ride, be sure to wear bright clothes that help you stand out on the road.

If you are hurt while riding a bike, it may be in your best interest to speak with an attorney. A legal representative may use evidence such as witness statements, a police report or video footage of the crash to show that your injuries were caused by another person’s negligent behavior.


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