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Impairment likely cause of serious car accident

Drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol are more likely to make serious mistakes while behind the wheel. They may exhibit behaviors that may make it more likely they will cause an accident, such as serving, following another vehicle too closely or running a red light. A driver who recently caused a fatal collision after driving through an intersection was found to be impaired at the time of the crash.

A tragic scene in Phoenix

This specific crash involved eight different vehicles, and reports indicate that debris from the collision was found all over the road. At least one of the vehicles caught on fire, and one person had to be extricated from his or her vehicle. Multiple people involved in the crash were said to be in critical condition, and one passed away from his injuries while at the hospital.

The accident took place when an Arizona driver ran through a red light at a busy intersection in Phoenix. Law enforcement found the driver to be impaired, but further details about the state of the driver are not available. One witness estimates the impaired driver was traveling approximately 60 mph through the intersection when the crash happened.

The rights of victims

This car accident serves as a tragic reminder of what can happen when a driver operates a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Victims of any type of serious car accident caused by another driver have specific legal options available to them. It is possible these victims or family members have grounds to pursue compensation through a civil claim.


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