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Reckless driving around cyclists becoming safety concern

Individuals on bikes are particularly vulnerable in an accident involving a moving vehicle. Cyclists are largely unprotected against an impact with a car or truck, and even with protective gear, a crash can have catastrophic consequences.

In Arizona, the safety of cyclists has become a pressing concern as reckless driving around bikes and pedestrians seems to be on the rise.

A dangerous combination

Drivers bear the responsibility of being cautious and careful around cyclists and pedestrians. Arizona is home to several large cycling events each year, and the sport is a popular recreational activity throughout the state. People often ride bikes to work, for exercise or simply for fun. Some are critical of the state’s efforts to keep these individuals as safe as reasonably possible.

Statistics regarding cyclist safety in the state are discouraging. Estimates suggest there are approximately 100 cyclist and pedestrian deaths each year. There are safety programs that attempt to bring attention to the problem, and there are funds available that allow for infrastructure changes that could reduce the number of accidents.

Who is responsible?

If an Arizona cyclist is involved in an accident because of the reckless or negligent actions of another person, they have legal options they can pursue. He or she could be eligible for compensation through a civil claim, an appropriate course of action that may allow an accident victim to recoup losses and secure damages.

An assessment of the accident case and potential claim with an experienced personal injury attorney can shed light on the specific legal options available in the individual situation.


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