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Distracted driving continues to be leading cause of car accidents

With the widespread use of cellphones and other in-car infotainment systems, there are many things that can take a driver’s attention while he or she is behind the wheel. Distracted driving is not only dangerous for that individual, but it also places everyone nearby at risk. It is one of the leading causes of car accidents in Arizona and across the country, and it is entirely preventable. 

Why is it such a problem? 

Distracted driving includes anything that takes a driver’s focus away from the task of driving safely. While it can include actions such as adjusting the radio, eating, talking with a passenger and more, it is most commonly associated with cellphone use. Distracted driving slows reaction times, significantly increasing the chance of an accident. 

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, distracted driving is responsible for thousands of accidents each year. Distraction is always preventable through smart actions and a commitment to safe driving. Drivers can turn their phones off, put all distracting devices in the backseat or mute notifications in order to make it less likely their phones or other things will take their focus. 

After an accident 

After a distracted driving accident, an Arizona victim has options. It may be possible to hold the liable party accountable for his or her actions through the civil justice system. In order to understand whether a lawsuit is an appropriate course of action, it may help to discuss the case with an experienced personal injury attorney.  


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