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Implementing technology to reduce truck crashes

One of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents in Arizona is distraction. In the trucking industry, distraction is especially dangerous because large commercial vehicles are capable of causing significant damage in a crash. The implementation of certain types of technology may reduce truck crashes caused by distraction, as well as other reasons. Safety should be a primary concern in an industry where a significant portion of drivers are age 50 and up. 

Tools that can help with distraction 

Distraction is most often linked with the use of cellphones, but there are many other things that could take a driver’s attention. Technology can help drivers maintain their focus, thereby reducing the chance of a crash. Some important technology tools may include: 

  • Sensors — These can alert the driver if the truck drifts or swerves, allowing the trucker to correct course. Sensors can also detect and monitor abrupt or dangerous actions, such as suddenly braking. 
  • Dashboard cameras — These can provide a company the opportunity to monitor a driver’s actions behind the wheel. The accountability can greatly reduce the chance of distracted driving. 

Regardless of the type of technology a company uses in its trucks, truckers are accountable for their actions, and trucking companies are responsible for enforcing high safety standards. 

Truck accident victims

Victims of truck accidents in Arizona may have grounds to pursue compensation through a civil claim. The civil justice system provides a route by which a victim and family can seek justice and appropriate damages. Truck accidents often cause significant damage, but victims do not have to navigate the aftermath alone. 


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