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Recent motorcycle accident underscores need for safer driving

Even when wearing protective gear, a biker is vulnerable to injury or death if involved in an accident with a larger, heavier vehicle. These types of collisions are often the result of the reckless or negligent actions of another person or party as many Arizona drivers do not watch for motorcycles or know how to safely share the road with them. A recent accident in Phoenix underscores the importance of safe and vigilant driving.

A dangerous collision

In this accident, one person suffered fatal injuries while two more suffered serious injuries. The collision occurred when one truck collided with a motorcycle while turning left. At the time, there were two people on the bike, and one was killed. The other suffered serious injuries during the impact. After the initial collision, another motorcyclist approached the scene and crashed after losing control, also suffering injuries.

Arizona law enforcement determined that intoxication did not factor into the accident at all. While additional details about the accident are not available, this incident proves the potentially grave consequences of motorcycle accidents. Bikers may be left with property damage and injuries that could affect them for years to come.

Options after an accident

If a biker is suffering as a result of the negligent or reckless actions of another person, he or she may have options. Through a civil claim, a motorcycle accident victim could pursue compensation for his or her injuries and other types of damages. To understand how to move forward, it may be helpful to seek an assessment of the case with an experienced personal injury attorney.


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