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Reducing the chances of pedestrian accidents

There may be a multitude of areas in Arizona and elsewhere in which some individuals prefer to do most of their traveling via the sidewalk. Those who walk to and from destinations may feel that there are a variety of benefits to being a pedestrian, but they may also have concerns about their safety while they walk near lanes of traffic. Those who wish to take steps to reduce the chances of pedestrian accidents could benefit from seeking insight on pedestrian safety tips and procedures. 

As a pedestrian, taking steps to prepare for the journey can be a vital component of staying safe and some tips to help promote a safer pedestrian experience could include: 

  • Awareness of surroundings:  Maintaining constant awareness of one’s surroundings and using caution when choosing where to walk could both prove integral to promoting pedestrian safety. 
  • Crossing to the other side:  While preparing to cross the street, it may be vital to look for areas with clearly marked crosswalks, check both directions before crossing, and to avoid assuming a nearby driver will simply stop and yield right of way.   
  • Obstructions and visibility:  Visibility is a vital component of pedestrian safety and as such, one may benefit from wearing bright clothing and using caution when walking near objects that obscure vision. 
  • Attention is vital:  Remaining vigilant while walking could also prove imperative, as distracted pedestrians might not always be prepared to respond to any dangers that arise. 

Unfortunately, even those who adhere to pedestrian safety procedures may find it difficult to react to the decisions of a negligent driver in time to avoid a potentially catastrophic scenario. 

It is no secret that pedestrian accidents can have disastrous results and those who suffer severe harm due to the actions of another party may experience various challenges in life. Following the accident, a person in Arizona could choose to seek advice on the available options for legal recourse by consulting with an attorney. Such guidance could prove integral to helping a person know what to expect from the process and prepare to seek the compensation entitled through a personal injury claim. 



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