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Inattentional blindness increases the chance of an accident

When Arizona drivers are inattentive while behind the wheel, it can lead to serious accidents that may cause harm to motorists and their passengers. Each driver is responsible for his or her actions, even the unintentional ones that may lead to an accident. Inattentional blindness is a lack of focus and processing that can happen as a result of many factors, but it often leads to a driver failing to see a clear hazard or danger. 

How does inattentional blindness affect drivers? 

Distracted driving is one of the most common safety concerns on the road, and it is caused by a driver paying attention to something besides driving. This is often associated with phone use. Inattentional blindness may be perceived as distraction, but it is actually a psychological lack of attention. It is not necessarily connected with a specific action, defect or deficit.  

A driver experiencing inattentional blindness may not see a blatant and obvious hazard in the way, such as stopped traffic, stationary objects, another vehicle and more. Essentially, it is looking without truly seeing or processing information. To minimize the chance of this happening, drivers should practice awareness and caution while driving.  

The results of an accident 

A motor vehicle accident caused by inattentional blindness can leave a victim with physical damage, financial loss and emotional duress. Those impacted by this type of negligence could have specific options available by which they may seek recovery and compensation. The Arizona civil justice system offers a process through which deserving accident victims can seek justice.  


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