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Alcohol played a role in fatal Arizona car accident

Two parents and a child are dead after a tragic crash in the Phoenix area. The driver suspected of causing the crash admitted to consuming alcohol before the fatal car accident, and he was also driving over the speed limit at the time of the crash. In addition to the three people killed in the crash, five other people suffered injuries. Those taken to the hospital for medical treatment were in critical condition.

Details of a tragic event

The driver responsible for the accident crashed into a van with six people inside. The impact caused the vehicle to spin off the road and flip over multiple times, ejecting five of the occupants. One person remaining in the vehicle had to be extricated by emergency workers. Those not killed in the crash suffered injuries that range from brain bleeds, open wounds and broken bones.

One woman who was a passenger in the vehicles that caused the crash also suffered life-threatening injuries. In addition to an admission of alcohol consumption before driving, law enforcement also found open alcohol containers in the vehicle. He is currently facing criminal charges that include aggravated assault and manslaughter.

The rights of victims

Drunk driving is negligent, reckless and inexcusable. The driver who caused this fatal accident should not only answer for his criminal actions, but he may also be financially liable for damages suffered by victims and loved ones of the deceased. Those who may have grounds for a personal injury claim may benefit from discussing concerns with an experienced Arizona attorney.


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