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Car accidents more common in construction zone off I-15

Drivers are responsible for operating their vehicles cautiously and carefully in areas where crews are doing construction on the road. Construction zones can be quite dangerous when drivers speed through the designated area, leading to an increased risk for accidents for other drivers and serious injuries for the men and women working. One area off I-15 in Arizona has seen a sharp increase in car accidents in a construction area where they are working to repair a bridge. 

More accidents, more injuries 

In the area of Virgin River Gorge and St. George, accidents have been happening more frequently. Like in most construction areas, the speed limit has been lowered in the area where they are working, but many drivers have been ignoring the slower speed limits. Law enforcement has admitted that it has been difficult to monitor speeding drivers through the construction zone.  

This construction project began in September of last year. Arizona law enforcement stated that there has been an increase of accidents in the area since that time. Most often, these accidents involve vehicles that are speeding or following too closely crashing into the backs of other vehicles that were slowing down.   

Holding responsible parties accountable 

Drivers who cause accidents while driving recklessly through construction zones are financially responsible for any damages that result. After a car crash, a driver may benefit from considering the legal options available to him or her. Through the civil justice system, a driver can pursue compensation for his or her accident-related losses and other damages that occurred.  


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