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Man sees success in his fight for safer roads in Arizona

After the loss of his wife and sister in a fatal crash, one Arizona man began an effort to make the roads in the state safer. He is pushing for the addition of cable barriers or another type of barrier in the medians of interstates, specifically in areas where there are a higher number of crashes. He recently saw some of his efforts take effect when a bill passed that would mandate a consideration of median barriers in some areas. 

Better medians, fewer crashes 

The man began his quest for better, safer roads in state after a tragic accident in which he lost two family members. His wife and sister were traveling along I-10 between Tucson and Phoenix when the driver swerved to miss something in the road. Losing control, the car crossed the median, which was dirt, and was struck by a semitrailer going in the opposite direction. Because of the impact, the car exploded. 

The man believes that a better median, perhaps one with barriers, could have prevented a fatal accident. In the same area where this tragic accident occurred, over 64 accidents have happened since 2001 that resulted in injuries to 74 people and 20 fatalities. This bill could help make roads safer by improving medians, but there is some opposition from parties who believe that barriers would have the opposite effect. 

Are dangerous roads to blame? 

Dangerous road conditions in Arizona can cause serious accidents that may leave innocent motorists with serious or fatal injuries. Victims of accidents caused by dangerous road conditions may have grounds to pursue recompense for their losses. Those considering a claim may benefit from first this possibility with an experienced personal injury attorney.  


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