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Perpetrator at large after fatal pedestrian accident

When drivers are reckless or negligent when behind the wheel, it elevates the chance of a collision and puts everyone on and near the road at risk for serious injuries. A recent accident in Tempe illustrates the danger caused by reckless driving as the incident resulted in the death of an individual who was crossing the street. Arizona law enforcement is currently looking for the driver as he or she fled the scene of the accident.

The vulnerability of pedestrians

Pedestrians are especially vulnerable to the impact of a moving vehicle. They have no protection against the force of a heavy car or truck moving at even a low rate of speed. Even a minor collision can leave a pedestrian with serious or fatal injuries. In this accident, the pedestrian was struck while crossing the street and the vehicle was moving northbound.

The driver immediately left the scene of the accident, and emergency personnel took the victim to a local hospital for emergency medical treatment. He later died from his injuries. Police are working to locate the driver.

What happens next?

Arizona law enforcement hope to bring the responsible party to justice. After the party believed responsible is identified, family members of the deceased may explore the option of seeking appropriate compensation through a civil claim. The civil justice system provides an opportunity for grieving loved ones to fight for financial recovery after losing a family member to the reckless or negligent actions of another person.


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