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Multi-vehicle accident results in fatality and serious injuries

When cars or trucks are involved in collisions that involve motorcycles, the results are often catastrophic. Bikers are largely unprotected against the force of an impact with a larger, heavier vehicle, and they can suffer severe injuries even if the crash takes place at a low rate of speed. A recent multi-vehicle accident in Arizona involving six people left one woman dead and one biker with grave injuries. 

Details of a serious collision 

According to Arizona law enforcement, the crash involved four different vehicles. The accident took place when a car traveling northwest crashed into a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. This set off a chain reaction event, with the initial crash causing two other vehicles to collide, including one motorcycle. One woman, a passenger in the backseat of one of the vehicles, was declared dead at the scene of the crash. The biker was reportedly in critical condition.  

In a multi-vehicle crash like this one, there are many factors that can play a role in what caused the collision to take place. Arizona law enforcement believes there could be several things to blame, particularly speed and possibly impairment. An investigation into the accident is ongoing. 

The rights of victims 

Victims of a multi-vehicle accident may be unsure of who or what is to blame for what happened to them. It may be in the interests of the victim to seek an assessment of his or her case in order to determine what legal options may be available to them. This could include pursuing compensation through a civil claim against the party or parties deemed responsible. 


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