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What factors might increase the risks of truck driver fatigue?

It might not be uncommon for individuals in Arizona and elsewhere to share the road with a multitude of commercial vehicles while traveling to and from their destinations. While many may rely on tractor-trailers to transport goods and services, such tasks could present with safety concerns stemming from demanding schedules and long stints on the road. Studies suggest that there may be various factors that could contribute to the issue of truck driver fatigue and similar concerns continue to play a role in many truck accidents. 

Causes of fatigue 

According to studies, fatigue remains an issue for many truck drivers and such concerns continue to be a leading cause of truck-related crashes. Experts suggest that one of the most common causes of fatigue among truck drivers could involve the need to driver for extended periods at a time. Although there are regulations that govern the number of hours trucker drivers can travel each day, long stints on the road continue to play a contributing role in similar safety concerns. 

Truck drivers may also face demanding schedules and deadlines that could affect sleep patterns or lead to a lack of rest. Such issues may only act to increase the risks a driver might succumb to fatigue and create a dangerous situation. While fatigue remains a common cause of truck accidents, studies also highlight the risks involved with speeding and lack of training, as such issues also play a role in many truck accidents. 

After a crash 

Truck accidents can occur under various scenarios and such incidents run a greater risk of carrying dire or even fatal ramifications. Individuals in Arizona who suffer serious harm or sudden loss due to the negligent actions of a truck driver may encounter various hardships in life, and they could be left with questions about the next steps to take to seek restitution. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can examine the incident thoroughly and assist a client in preparing to seek the compensation deserved through a claim against all parties deemed responsible. 



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