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Cyclists in the Phoenix area say that accidents are more frequent

Even when wearing the appropriate protective gear, cyclists are vulnerable to injury when involved in a crash with a moving vehicle. Bicycle accidents have the potential to result in severe injuries, and drivers have the responsibility of safely sharing the road with bikes. In the Phoenix area of Arizona, cyclists say the roads are becoming more dangerous after an increase in bike accidents. 

A growing area of concern 

Recently, there were three fatal bicycle accidents in the area within the span of just a few days. Cycling advocates say that drivers should be more careful, and they also say that more room should be given to bikes on the road. Cyclists believe that motorists often forget they share the road, or they engage in reckless behaviors around bikes. Even a low-speed collision can have devastating consequences.  

The number of cyclists has increased as this sport became a popular hobby and exercise option during the pandemic. Unfortunately, more cyclists on the road have naturally led to more accidents. Drivers often forget that in the absence of a dedicated bike lane, cyclists have the right to use the lane the same as other types of vehicles. 

Legal options for injured cyclists 

If a cyclist is injured due to the reckless actions of an Arizona motorist, he or she has legal options. It may be possible for that individual to seek justice and compensation through a civil claim. After an accident, a victim may benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney in order to understand the options available to him or her.  


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