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Deadly accident leads to criminal charges

When drivers act reckless or make negligent decisions while driving, they can cause serious damage to others. The potential impact that these decisions can have was seen in the aftermath of a recent accident in Arizona. The collision involved an SUV that was carrying eight people in addition to the driver and a semi-trailer. The SUV collided with the large truck head-on, and three people died as a result of the crash.

Details of a tragic accident

Before the accident, law enforcement had been attempting to pull over the SUV for reckless driving. However, the driver refused to stop the vehicle, and the police began a pursuit. While trying to evade law enforcement, the driver crossed the median, and he entered the opposite lane of I-10. After crossing the median, the SUV collided with a semitrailer that was traveling in the correct direction.

Two people in the SUV died at the scene of the accident, and one died later at the hospital. There were several injuries, and one victim required hospitalization. The driver was arrested by Arizona law enforcement, and he is facing charges of aggravated assault, first-degree homicide and endangerment.

Seeking recovery

When passengers suffer injuries because of the reckless actions of another driver, they may have grounds to pursue compensation through a claim. The civil justice system offers claimants the opportunity to seek recovery of their financial losses and other damages. After an accident, a victim may benefit from speaking with a personal injury attorney regarding his or her legal options.


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