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Improving pedestrian safety while walking at night

Visibility remains a common concern for many pedestrians and such issues may only intensify when walking during nighttime hours. During this time of day, safety risks for pedestrians may be ever-present and finding ways to reduce the risks involved could prove vital to promoting safety. Studies indicate that there may be several steps individuals in Arizona can take while walking at night to help improve their safety and reduce the odds of dangerous pedestrian accidents. 

While practicing pedestrian safety procedures may be essential during any time of day, certain issues might prove unique to nighttime hours and some steps to take to reduce safety hazards at night might include: 

  • Improving visibility:  Visibility remains a concern during nighttime hours and taking steps such as wearing bright clothing and sticking to areas with adequate lighting could prove vital to promoting safety. 
  • Awareness of surroundings:  Being aware of one’s surroundings while walking at night could help a person better prepare to identify potential safety hazards in time to evade danger. 
  • Take a flashlight:  Carrying a flashlight may also be integral to helping a pedestrian detect any upcoming hazards in pathways and avoid walking into unsafe areas. 
  • Stick to safe areas:  It may also be vital to avoid traveling through any unsafe areas or locations with poor lightning and to stick to safe areas free of hazards and obstacles that can obscure visibility. 

While navigating through crosswalks at night, it may be vital to ensure nearby drivers are aware of one’s presence, as assuming others will yield right of way could prove disastrous. 

Even those who adhere to safety procedures may be at risk of suffering serious or permanent harm in pedestrian accidents involving negligent drivers. Upon encountering a fast-moving vehicle, a pedestrian may stand little to no chance of reacting in time to reach safety and the results of such an incident may leave one facing a long road to recovery and in search of advice on his or her available legal avenues. Following the incident, a person in Arizona could benefit from retaining the services of an attorney for guidance on the next steps to take to seek the full amount of compensation entitled through a personal injury claim. 


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