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Distracted driving remains primary safety concern in Arizona

When a driver is behind the wheel of a vehicle, his or her main responsibility is the safe operation of the vehicle. This means the driver should avoid certain types of dangerous behaviors, including distracted driving. Despite the well-known risks associated with looking at a phone or focusing on something besides safe driving, studies find that many Arizona motorists continue to engage in this dangerous behavior. 

A serious threat to others 

Distracted driving is a threat to the health and safety of everyone on the road. According to statistics, more than 3,100 people died in Arizona in 2020 because of distraction, and an additional 400,000 suffered injuries. A study from the Governors Highway Safety Association found the leading causes of distracted driving to be phone use and electronic devices. 

However, there are many other things that can take a driver’s attention while behind the wheel. This includes eating, drinking, talking with a passenger, adjusting the radio and more. Arizona laws prohibit the use of handheld devices while driving, but hands-free devices are permitted. Regardless of the source of distraction, the person driving is responsible for all choices he or she makes while the vehicle is in operation. 

Victims of distraction-related accidents 

Those hurt in accidents caused by distracted drivers have legal options, including seeking compensation through a civil claim. The toll of distracted driving is high, and it is often innocent motorists and passengers who pay the price. Those harmed by this type of distracted driving may benefit from an explanation of how they can pursue justice and recompense after an accident. 


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