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Benefits of a strong DUI defense

If an Arizona police officer takes you into custody during a traffic stop on suspicion of drunk driving, the next days, weeks or months of your life might be highly stressful. In fact, if it’s not your first time accused of impaired driving, and you incur a conviction in court, the next years of your life may carry the implications of the incident. Facing DUI charges is no small matter.

It’s possible to face a DUI charge even if you didn’t consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel. It’s also possible that the testing device used in your failed breath test wasn’t properly calibrated. Any number of issues can come into play to create a situation where one has unjustly accused you. Regardless what the specific details of your case are, the stronger of a defense you build, the greater chance you have of securing a more positive outcome.

Are there grounds for a case dismissal?

Not every DUI case goes to trial. The criminal law judge overseeing your case might determine that there isn’t enough evidence to take the case to court. Or, as part of your strong defense, you might be able to present evidence to show that a personal rights violation took place or that some factor exists to convince the judge that the best decision would be to dismiss the case.

A strong defense might result in a lighter sentence

If a judge or jury convicts you of DUI, you will stand before the judge to receive your sentence. Penalties for this crime can be quite severe, especially if it’s not a first offense. Another benefit of building a strong defense right from the start is that you might be able to secure a lighter sentence.

This is particularly true if you have someone well-versed in criminal law acting on your behalf in court. Prosecutors want to gain convictions. And, they often recommend maximum sentences to the court. A strong defense advocate might be able to convince the court that a lighter sentence would suffice in your case.

Your case may be expedited

If you do not have a strong defense when facing DUI charges in Arizona, many issues could cause significant delays in your case. Standing trial for drunk driving affects your job, your marriage and family life, your reputation in business, as well as your community, and more. The last thing you need is for your case to drag on for months.

By building a strong support network and preparing a thorough and convincing defense, it can help speed things up as your case is fully adjudicated. Reducing the amount of time that you have to spend in court helps reduce stress when facing DUI or other criminal charges in this state.


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