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What are some of the most dangerous types of collisions?

It might come as no surprise that virtually any type of collision may have the potential to end in disaster. However, studies indicate that certain types of car accidents may inherently prove more dangerous than others. These incidents run a greater risk of leaving individuals in Arizona with serious or life-threatening injuries, or of leaving family members grieving over the unexpected loss of a loved one. 

The types 

According to studies, T-bone collisions, which pertain to a crash in which one vehicle crashes into the side of another, continue to be one of the most hazardous types of collisions. The severity of similar incidents may also vary depending on the speed at which each vehicle is traveling and the location of the initial impact. Chain-reaction crashes involving multiple vehicles are another type of dangerous crash that could pose a significant threat to the safety of all parties involved. 

Studies also suggest that rollover accidents can also be dangerous and sometimes such crashes may only involve one vehicle and could occur when the driver loses control and veers off course. Head-on crashes can be some of the most hazardous types of collisions and factors such as failure to yield and wrong-way driving are common causes of such incidents. Studies also indicate that crashes involving distracted and impaired drivers also remain a major concern and that the outcome of such collisions could have a lingering impact on everyone involved. 

Available legal options 

Regardless of how it occurs, individuals who suffer serious injuries or sudden loss in car accidents due to the actions of another party might find it difficult to accept the outcome of the situation. Following the accident, a person in Arizona might consider consulting with an attorney for guidance on his or her available legal options and the next steps to take. An attorney can provide a client with advice on what to expect from the process and assist in seeking the restitution entitled through the appropriate outlets. 


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