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Accident involving rideshare vehicle results in 3 fatalities

After a motor vehicle collision, it is important to determine exactly what happened in order to determine financial responsibility for the event. A recent car accident involving a rideshare vehicle is still under investigation by Arizona law enforcement as they look for answers regarding why this tragic incident occurred. The crash resulted in the deaths of all three people in the rideshare vehicle, including the driver and his two passengers. 

Details of a tragic event 

The Lyft vehicle was traveling through the Phoenix area when the driver stopped at an intersection to turn left. At the time, a stolen vehicle traveling on 43rd Avenue crashed into the waiting vehicle. The stolen vehicle was speeding at the time of the crash, and reports indicate that one of the vehicles caught fire.  

There are questions regarding whether Lyft could carry some financial responsibility for the crash. More victims of rideshare accidents are seeking legal recourse if they suffer injuries in a crash while in an Uber or Lyft vehicle. In this particular case, the actions of the driver of the stolen vehicle appears to have caused the accident, but a careful look at the details of the accident could identify all legal options available to the family of the deceased. 

What is next? 

It can be difficult to pick up the pieces and move forward after the loss of a loved one in a car accident. A grieving family may benefit from seeking the guidance and support of an experienced Arizona personal injury attorney in order to determine if they have grounds for a civil claim. A wrongful death claim may be a beneficial way by which a family can seek appropriate compensation and justice for their loved one. 


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