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Drunk driving causes crash that results in multiple injuries

When one driver makes a poor decision or acts in a negligent manner, it can result in an accident that affects the lives of multiple people. A recent accident in Arizona illustrates the potentially widespread impact that just one crash can have. One driver’s choice to get behind the wheel while intoxicated left multiple people with injuries, including children and a law enforcement officer. She was placed under arrest due to a suspected DUI.

A preventable crash

According to reports, the accident occurred while a state trooper was investigating a separate crash that had just happened. The vehicle that was stopped on the side of the road was hit from behind, and the two children who were inside the car suffered injuries. The state trooper outside of the vehicle also suffered injuries. Those three suffered injuries that were not life-threatening, but a female passenger in the car was in critical condition.

As this situation illustrates, alcohol impairs a driver’s ability to think clearly and react appropriately while behind the wheel. Further details about the driver, such as her BAC at the time of the crash, are not immediately known. In addition to the criminal penalties she is facing, she may be responsible for damages suffered by the victims.

After an accident

After a crash caused by the reckless or negligent actions of another person, an Arizona accident victim may have grounds for a claim.  Through the civil justice system, one may be able to recover losses and seek compensation for accident-related expenses. An assessment of one’s case will reveal if there are grounds to move forward with this legal process.


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