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Knowing the risks involved with left turns

While most drivers may pass through numerous intersections during their daily travels, they might not always know the hazards they might face in the process. Approaching each intersection with caution can be beneficial in various ways, as studies indicate that these areas remain a common location for motor vehicle accidents. Drivers in Arizona may also find it helpful to seek insight on the possible hazards of making left turns at intersections, as this could prove vital to mitigating safety risks.

The danger involved

Studies indicate that nearly 40% of collisions occur at intersections, and 60% of these crashes involve a driver attempting to navigate a left turn. There are a variety of issues that act to make left-hand turns dangerous at times. For instance, drivers who are preparing to make a left turn might not always find it easy to judge the speed of oncoming vehicles and determine if there is sufficient space and time to safely navigate the turn.

In times of dense traffic, drivers may feel stuck waiting to turn for extended periods, and the frustration of the wait may only act to promote hasty and unsafe actions. Most intersections may have signals and signs to help control the flow of traffic and depict who has the right of way. However, these measures might not always work as intended, especially if other drivers fail to adhere to traffic laws.

Left turn accidents

Motor vehicle accidents at intersections can take place under a multitude of situations and the outcome of such collisions could prove disastrous in nature. Such crashes may run the unfortunate risk of leaving a person with severe or permanent injuries or causing families to experience the unexpected loss of a loved one. Individuals in Arizona who suffer serious harm or sudden loss due to the actions of another driver may choose to speak with a personal injury attorney for advice on all their available legal avenues and guidance in preparing to seek the full amount of restitution entitled via the appropriate channels.


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